Carlomagno, directed by the family of the same name, has been producing windows, French windows, interior doors and large sliding doors in wood and wood-aluminum for over thirty years. The heart of the company's production is in Basilicata, guaranteeing that its products are 100% made in Italy; all products are made-to-measure, from materials that enhance their beauty, durability and very high energy performance.

Essential accessories for villas, luxury apartments and design offices, our doors and windows - in line with the company's commitment to energy saving - are equipped with certifications that attest to their performance; our customers can therefore count on considerable savings in economic terms, while contributing to the protection of the environment. Carlomagno is the choice of those who do not want to give up a window with a wooden structure, redesigned in a modern and minimalist style, while freeing themselves from constant external maintenance.
Carlomagno Finestre


Carlomagno interprets the beauty of windows, the company's core business, with six lines: Actual and Future made of wood, Leal, Linear, Hera and Scudo, made of wood-aluminum.
Carlomagno Finestre


Carlomagno sliding doors can be made with two opening systems: RS, ideal for medium-sized openings and HS, ideal for large openings. Both follow the technical characteristics of the Actual, Future, Leal, Linear and Hera windows.
Carlomagno Finestre


The Carlomagno wood and alluminium doors are made to order, using traditional methods that allow a high degree of customization.


Wood is one of the world's oldest and most versatile materials, long associated with warmth and elegance. The harvesting and preparation of timber requires less energy than other materials leading to lower emissions and lower consumption of electrical energy from the very start. Products with a wooden structure, with proper maintenance, can last forever. Even if they are not re-cycled all wood products undergo a natural biodegradation process but, if treated with the correct products, wood can preserve its charm indefinitely. Carlomagno selects the best wood, certified to PEFC Forest standards, thereby meeting the strictest standards of sustainability. Carlomagno always demonstrates the correct maintenance procedures to its customers, ensuring that the functionality and charm of the products endures for many years.